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McCarty Named to Lead Philadelphia Water

Debra McCarty, Center, is now leading Philadelphia Water

McCarty Named to Lead Philadelphia Water 

Mayor Jim Kenney kicked off 2016 by naming Debra McCarty as Commissioner of Philadelphia Water. She's the first woman to hold that title in the organization's 200-year history. 

In her more than 30 years with the department, Commissioner McCarty has served in a number of leadership positions, working her way up from a sanitary engineer in 1982 to the top of a utility that's responsible for protecting our rivers and providing 1.61 million people with safe water.    

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Get New Storm Drain Markers for Your Watershed

Our new storm drain markers.

Get New Storm Drain Markers for Your Watershed! 

Across our city, there are approximately 75,000 inlets collecting stormwater. As rainwater and melting snow washes over our gardens, sidewalks and streets, it picks up pollutants and trash that ends up in these drains. But where do those inlets drain to?

The water, and anything it picks up, heads to your local stream or river. Our new storm drain markers raise awareness about the connection between these inlets and our waterways by naming which of the city's seven watersheds a storm drain empties into.

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New Stormwater Regulations

Now Effective: New Stormwater Regulations

Philadelphia Water introduced new stormwater management regulations for development projects on July 1, 2015. Representing the first significant update to the regulations since 2006, the changes are designed to make development in Philadelphia align with the city’s plan for a modernized stormwater system, as detailed in the Green City, Clean Waters plan.

These practices will allow developed sites to handle more stormwater, slow the rate of runoff, and improve the quality of water entering the sewer system.  


Rain Check Goes Citywide!

Rain Check Goes Citywide! 
And other updates to the program

Good news—we made some exciting changes to our Rain Check program. Working together with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and the Sustainable Business Network we've expanded our reach, streamlined our process and increased our team of qualified contractors.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that the program is now open to residents in the entire City. Prior to April 1st, Rain Check was only available to residents who lived in the Combined Sewer Area of Philadelphia. As of today, any resident can sign up! 


Soak It Up Adoption

Soak It Up Adoption

Participate in Soak It Up Adoption

Soak It Up Adoption is an innovative new grant program from the Philadelphia Water Department. Join us as we continue to work with communities across our city to help implement, maintain and share knowledge about green stormwater infrastructure (GSI).

Because of their unique ability to be built into neighborhoods, many people don’t realize what green infrastructure is or how it benefits their communities. This is why we need you! By adopting one or more green stormwater sites you are not only helping us maintain these systems, you are serving as a model for your community.


Green Map Home

See What's Green in Your Neighborhood With the Big Green Map!

The Philadelphia Water Department is working all around the city to implement green stormwater infrastructure such as porous paving, stormwater tree trenches and rain gardens. Check out our interactive Big Green Map to find out where PWD has either completed construction on a project or has one in the design phase.

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