How Do Trees Affect Stormwater?

  • Trees absorb stormwater through their roots and slow the flow of rainfall with their canopies.
  • Tree roots allow rainwater to filter back into the soil, recharging the water table.
  • Why Plant Trees?

  • Trees contribute oxygen to our atmosphere, clean pollutants from the air and reduce temperature extremes.
  • Trees are attractive additions to the landscape and can increase property values.
  • Trees are free! Philadelphia residents can apply for trees to be planted for free on their property through the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation TreePhilly Program. TreePhilly is a great source for all of your tree needs: yard trees, street trees and tree care.
  • Facts About Trees

  • If you choose the correct tree, site and planting conditions, your
    tree should NOT interfere with your sewer or water lines, sidewalk or
    building foundation.
  • Most tree roots grow in the soil’s top 12 inches and spread well beyond the tree’s canopy in search of water and nutrients.
  • Tree roots don’t “attack” underground mains unless these are already damaged, providing entrances for developing roots.
  • An adequate and generous tree pit or long, narrow continuous “tree
    lawn” will provide the best conditions for establishing and maintaining a
    “well-behaved” tree with the environment needed to survive in the city.
  • If you cannot plant a tree on your property, you can always take a
    free course to help tend to the trees in your neighborhood: Become a
    Tree Tender: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

  • Photo: RP3 Travis Strother, US Navy


    How to Plant a Tree

    If you decide to plant your own tree, these Tree Planting Instructions will help you to plant a healthy and happy tree that will prosper in your home landscape.



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