Rain Barrels

What is a rain barrel?

Rain Barrel

A rain barrel is a storage container connected to a downspout that captures stormwater runoff from the roof.  Once the barrel is full, excess water will flow back into your downspout, so there is no concern about the rain barrel overflowing onto your patio or walkway.  You can use the stored water for your plants or outdoor cleaning.  Reduce your water consumption and manage stormwater runoff at the same time!


About our rain barrels:

  • PWD uses recycled 55-gallon food-grade plastic barrels.  No barrels that have been used for toxic or harmful materials are installed by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS).
  • Dimensions:  Each rain barrel is approximately 22.5” diameter and 36.5” in height.  The barrels “bow out” in the middle to a diameter of about 24”.
  • Rain barrels are fully installed by PHS, including spigots, gaskets, and a downspout diverter.
  • PWD rain barrels are completely sealed.  No need to worry about mosquitoes!

Rain barrel maintenance:

Our rain barrels are very low maintenance. In the winter, you should completely drain your barrel and detach it from the downspout.  A winter plug is provided to seal the hole in your downspout. To have the most impact, rain barrels should be completely emptied before each rainstorm (full rain barrels can’t capture stormwater!)

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