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1. What tool is right for you?

These tools are good for your property if you...

Rain Barrel

Cost: Free!
(valued at $150)

...want to use the water you collect for other purposes.

...have limited space.

...don't want to spend much money
(they're free)!

Downspout Planter
Downspout Planter
Cost: $100
(valued at $800)

...want to add some greenery in a small space.

...are able to spend $100.

Masonry Project

porous pavers
Cost: varies
(PWD pays up to $2,000)

...have a patio in need of repair.

...have a lot of paved surfaces

...are willing to spend a little more

Rain Garden
Rain Garden
Cost: varies
(PWD pays up to $2,000)

...have some yard space

...want a beautiful garden for your home.

...are willing to spend a little more

2. How does the process work?

Step 1: Attend a workshop
Attend a workshop to learn about the stormwater tools available through Rain Check and determine which will be best for your house. After the workshop, if you know which tool you want, we’ll help connect you to a contractor. 

Still not sure which tool is right for you? At your request, PWD will hire a residential stormwater expert to assess your property, determine which tools will work for your house, and walk you through the benefits of each. It’s a $300 value, but you only pay $25.

Step 2: Rain Check Contractor visits your property to plan for installation
Once you choose the tool you’d like for your house, Rain Check will assign an approved contractor to set up an appointment with you to ensure feasibility and plan the installation. You pay a $25 deposit (credited towards the installation), and Rain Check pays the rest (a $200 value). No deposit or consultation visit is required for Rain Barrels—PWD covers the full cost for homeowners.

Step 3: Contractor installs Storwmater Tool
The contractor will return to complete the installation. Once the work is completed, most of the tools will be inspected by Rain Check at no cost to you. PWD pays the contractor directly for its share, so you only pay your portion to the contractor (see cost estimates).

Step 4: Enjoy your new rain garden, patio, planter and/or rain barrel!
It’s a win-win. You help us reduce stormwater in the City’s sewers while reaping the benefits of harvesting rainwater, increased curb appeal and added green to your property!

View this diagram for a more detailed explanation of the process.

3. Sign up!

Sign up for a Rain Check workshop to get started!