Rain Check Workshops

Philadelphia Water and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) offer free Rain Check Workshops in Center City and neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia.

Attending a Workshop

Rain Check Workshop

In order to receive your stormwater tool at a reduced cost, we ask Philadelphia residents to attend a workshop. To sign up for a workshop, visit our sign-up page. Workshops are one hour long plus time for questions. During the workshop we cover important topics including:

  • The best stormwater tool for your property
  • The Rain Check process & what you can expect from the program
  • Why managing stormwater in Philadelphia is important.
  • Philadelphia's Green City, Clean Waters program

Think about your property and read about the stormwater tools before you come to the workshop. After you attend a workshop and decide what tool you want to install, we can connect you with a contractor or provide more information through a personalized assessment.

Sign-up for a workshop!

Hosting a Workshop

PWD & PHS partner with civic associations and community groups throughout Philadelphia to host Rain Check Workshops. Below are our criteria for hosting a workshop.

  • All Rain Check workshops must be open to the public.  We do not offer private workshops restricted to one civic group or neighborhood.
  • You are willing to help advertise the workshop in your community.
  • You can provide a venue large enough to host 50 – 100 people.
  • You can ensure that a minimum of 30 people register for a workshop
  • Your venue is available for early evening workshops (usually 6:00 – 7:00 pm).
  • Venues with a parking lot or on-street parking are preferred.

All workshops are arranged through PHS. To schedule a workshop in your community, please contact Rosemary Howard at RainCheck@Pennhort.org or (215) 988-8767

Workshop Information Handout (English)
Taller de Rain Check Hoja Informativa (Español)

*We cannot guarantee that every workshop request will result in us scheduling a workshop but we will try our best to either schedule a workshop or combine interested groups to form a workshop in your area.