Rain Check

Rain Check is a Philadelphia Water Department program that helps residents manage stormwater and beautify their homes.


Start Managing Stormwater

Downspout Planter


1. Sign up for a free stormwater property assessment.
A specially trained assessor will evaluate the outside of your home to see what stormwater tools could work on your property. 

2. Choose a stormwater tool that works for your home.
Rain Check participants can choose from four stormwater tools plus one yard tree. Based on the assessor's recommendations, you choose what you want on your property.

3. Install your tool at a fraction of the total cost.
The Philadelphia Water Department will help pay for the cost of installing your tool. Learn more about the tools and approximate costs on the Stormwater Tools page.

About Rain Check

Rain Check provides stormwater tools at a reduced cost to Philadelphia residents who live in the combined sewer area. These tools are landscape improvements that can beautify your home and will improve the water quality of our rivers and streams. Rain Check supports Philadelphia’s Green City, Clean Waters program which is working in neighborhoods across the city, adding green features to keep excess stormwater out of sewers. The program is managed by the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) with support from the Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA).