Learn About Green Stormwater Infrastructure Tools

Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) is the centerpiece of Philadelphia’s
Green City, Clean Waters program, but what exactly is it? Green means that we use plants, trees and stone to filter and manage rain water more effectively. GSI projects are efficient, cost effective and can be implemented throughout the city. 

Learn More About Green Stormwater Infrastructure


How Does It Work?

Philadelphia Water uses several different types of green infrastructure. Learn more about each of them here. 


What Does It Look Like?

Built into the ground, only a small portion of green infrastruture can been seen from the street. Learn to spot the signs of green infrastructure and uncover the green beneath your feet.


The Plants We Use

Learn more about the species of plants in your green infrastructure.


Know Before You Pull - A guide to weeding

Is that a weed, shrub or a plug? Before you pull, click to learn more about weeds common to Southeastern Pennsylvania.


Share Your Knowledge - Public Engagement

As adoption partners you play a key role in uncovering that green for your friends, family and neighbors to enjoy.