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  • Complete the application
  • Complete a Form W-9
  • Complete a City of Philadelphia Tax Status Certification Form
  • Submit your application and completed tax forms.

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To learn more about the adoption program, or for questions about your application please contact Dan Schupsky at the Philadelphia Water Department.


Phone: 215-683-3405

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How Does My Organization Receive its Adoption Grant?

Philadelphia Water (PWD) has partnered with the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) to disburse Soak It Up Adoption grants. Once your application to join the program has been approved, PWD will inform PIDC that you’ve been accepted and send your completed tax forms for review.

To comply with City financial requirements PIDC must ensure that all organizations receiving grants must be properly insured and are up to date on all tax obligations owed to the City of Philadelphia.  

Organizations unable to meet these requirements will be ineligible to receive an adoption grant.

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