Soak It Up! Adoption

Soak It Up! Adoption provides grants to civic groups to help maintain the beauty and functionality of green stormwater infrastructure.


Help us preserve these unique green tools:

Rain Garden

1. Check if your organization is eligible to participate. Please review the application requirements to determine if your civic organization is eligible to join the program.

2. Complete the program application. Complete the on-line application form or download a PDF version of the form here.

3. Complete the adoption program training. Learn how green stormwater infrastructure works and how you can maintain the GSI in your neighborhood.

4. Maintain your GSI sites and complete the reporting form. Click the link to find your neighborhood specific reporting form and resources.

What is Soak It Up! Adoption?

Soak It Up! Adoption is a new grant program from the Philadelphia Water Department. As PWD continues to expand the Green City, Clean Waters program, we are continually looking to partner with communities to help implement, maintain and share knowledge about green stormwater infrastructure. Adoptees assume responsibility for the care of one or more green stormwater infrastructure sites. Responsibilities include weekly maintenance visits, reporting of activities on site and community engagement.

The program is managed by the Philadelphia Water Department and administered by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council in partnership with the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation.