Water Advisory: Rusty Water in University City

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While Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) crews were performing maintenance on the water distribution system in University City, rusty water resulted in some properties in the area. PWD crews are in the area and are in the process of establishing the extent of the impact.  Crews are also taking water samples and flushing hydrants to correct the issue.

Rusty water is usually not a health concern; however, we urge our customers to limit the use of the water until the issue has been cleared up. Rusty water is not pleasant to drink and should not be used to clean laundry. Customers with health concerns should contact their health care provider before drinking or using the water. Customers can also call our emergency hotline at 215-685-6300 with any questions.

Our customers’ health and safety are of the utmost importance. The Water Department will continue to provide updates until the issue is corrected.