Rain Check Contractor Resources

The following documents are for Rain Check contractors, but interested homeowners may also find them useful. They provide the guidelines and specifications for each Rain Check tool, in addition to other reference and programmatic documents. 

Rain Check Consultation Forms

These documents should be used by assessors and installation contractors during their site visits. The consultation templates are designed for each tool. They should be coupled with photographs of the site on the photo form and a simple site sketch. The full house assessment form is for an assessment of the feasibility of all stormwater tools.

Rain Garden Consultation Template
Downspout Planter Consultation Template
Depaving Consultation Template
Permeable Paver Consultation Template

Photo Form

Site Sketch Grid

Full-home Assessment Template

Cost Estimate Spreadsheet

Guidelines for Pavement Disconnection
(illustrates the requirements that must be met for depaving, permeable paving and rain gardens to use Rain Check funding)

Wet Basement Guidelines
(provides background information about moisture infiltration in basements and guidelines for installing stormwater management tools when moisture is present)

Rain Check Installation Guidelines

These documents provide guidelines for every type of Rain Check installation. Rain Check contractors should be thoroughly familiar with these guidelines prior to starting installations.

Downspout Planter Guidelines
Fabrication Guide
Plumbing Guide
Installation Guide
Planting Guide
Maintenance Guide

Permeable Paver Guidelines
Permeable Paver Installation Guide
Permeable Paver Patio Elevation
Permeable Paver Patio Cross Section
Permeable Paver Driveway Elevation
Permeable Paver Driveway Cross Section
Batten Bar Standard Detail
Standard Materials for Permeable Paver Installations

Rain Garden Guidelines
Rain Garden Infiltration Test Guidelines
Rain Garden Design Guidelines
Rain Garden Installation Guide
Rain Garden Sizing Tables   
Rain Garden & Retaining Wall Guidelines 

Depaving Guidelines
Depaving Guide

Rain Barrel Guidelines
Rain Barrel Installation Guide 

Maintenance Guidelines

Downspout Planter
Rain Garden
Permeable Pavers

Rain Barrel

New Contractor Documents

Interested in becoming a Rain Check contractor? Please contact Alanna Wittet at Alanna@sbnphiladelphia.org or 215-922-7400 x103 to let her know you are interested. All Rain Check contractors must fill out an application and carry sufficient insurance coverage.

Contractor Application
Rain Check Position Descriptions
Contractor Insurance Requirements & Document Checklist
Expectations for Contractors

Supplemental Resources

Rain Check Fact Sheet
Stormwater Tool Information Sheets
Plants for Rain Gardens & Downspout Planters
Sustainable Business Network Local Landscaping Supplier and Disposal Guide
Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) Resources for Permeable Installations
Philadelphia Water Landscape Manual for Green Stormwater Infrastructure
Philadelphia Water Planting Manual for Green Stormwater Infrastructure
Rutgers Rain Garden Manual for New Jersey


For questions about the installation specifications and procedures, Rain Check contractors should contact Zach Popkin at RainCheck@pennhort.org or 215-988-8849.

For questions about Rain Check contractor policies, procedures, or training, contact Alanna Wittet at Alanna@sbnphiladelphia.org or 215-922-7400 x103. Contractors who are interested in becoming a Rain Check installer should also contact Alanna.