Green Stormwater Infrastructure

The Wharton Street Lofts Incorporates a Green Roof

There is more than meets the eye in South Philadelphia. Wharton Street Lofts, formerly known as the Annunciation School, is offering the tenants of its 45 apartments an extra amenity - a green roof deck. Open to all residents, these green roof tops were made possible via a partnership created through PWD’s Green City, Clean Waters. Developer, Leo Addimando. was awarded a grant through PWD’s Stormwater Management Incentive Program (SMIP). Administered jointly with the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC), this innovative program provides grants to non-residential PWD customers to support investments in green stormwater infrastructure. In addition to the building’s green roof, the developer has incorporated a rain garden in the parking lot, as well as two subsurface infiltration beds, and street trees.

To learn more about the SMIP program and how your business can more effectively manage stormwater, please, Click Here.  

Summer Internship in GSI Implementaion Program

Apply now for a Summer 2013 Internship in our Green Stormwater Infrastructure Implementation Program!

photo credit: Paul Rider

Seeking highly qualified students for experiences in the following academic departments: Landscape Architecture, Engineering, Engineering Technician, Planning, Urban Design

Description: Interns will work closely with Green Stormwater Infrastructure Implementation Program Staff. This group executes both planning and design coordination for GSI projects on public lands such as vacant lands, schools, parks, streets, parking lots, and facilities.

To learn more about the position and apply, click here.

Applications are due this Thursday, February 28th!

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