Permeable Pavement Pilot Project Water-Pouring Toast

Following up Friday’s ribbon cutting was a water-pouring toast on Tuesday, July 22nd at the Southwest Water Pollution Control Plant. Six different types of permeable pavers were installed in the plant’s employee parking lot and will be monitored and tested to determine their roles for future projects around the city, including porous asphalt, several forms of pervious concrete and permeable paver products.  Joining the toast were Mayor Michael Nutter, Water Commissioner Howard Neukrug, U.S. EPA’s Regional Director, Jon Capacasa, Councilman Mark Squilla and Councilman David Oh.

“Other than your bills, water is actually free anywhere so three cheers for the water department!” remarked Mayor Nutter.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Celebrating Cardone Industries Stormwater Management Innovations

On Friday, July 18th, the Philadelphia Water Department took a trip to Cardone Industries for a ribbon-cutting celebrating the $3.4 million grant awarded to Cardone in 2013, as part of the Stormwater Management Incentives Program (SMIP). Cardone is a third generation family-owned business and it is one of the best manufacturers in Philadelphia, known to be environmental friendly because of remanufacturing.

Through the grant, there are five new stormwater management features to ensure that runoff from all areas of the property is managed, including a 530 foot swale and basins, both above and underground.  These features allow the 50-acre property to store five million gallons of rain water and help Cardone save an average of $250,000 per year in stormwater fees.

Numerous people joined PWD for the ribbon cutting. Special guests included Councilwoman Marian Tasco of the 9th district, Councilman Bobby Henon of the 6th district, Cardone Chief Executive Officer Kevin Cramton, Steve Jurash from the Manufacturer’s Alliance and Mike Cooper of the Commerce Department.

A Shout-out to PowerCorpsPHL

Being the first city to introduce a program like Green City, Clean Waters, Philadelphia serves as a national model for many to follow. However, this dream of a sustainable green city could not be possible without the help of PowerCorpsPHL.

This exciting new program is a partnership between AmeriCorps, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia. PowerCorpsPHL builds on the initiatives of both Mayor Nutter and Governor Corbett by encouraging environmental stewardship, while building career opportunities for Philadelphia’s youth.

Active throughout the department, PWD is proud to host a number of PowerCorps members. Team “Blue Magic” supports the Green Stormwater Infrastructure Maintenance Team. This group of young men and women has done an outstanding job of maintaining the green in Philadelphia. In just over 10 weeks on the job, they have collected over 9,385 lbs. of trash and street litter (over 4 tons), 3,124 lbs. of leaves and organic debris and 2,138 lbs of construction materials from green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) across the city. These achievements are the result of over 430 hours hard work, completing over 326 work orders for PWD.

Thanks, PowerCorpsPHL!

To learn more about the PowerCorps, click here.

Capture the rain in your very own rain barrel

Rain barrels are a great way to collect rain water from down spouts which can be reused for either gardening, cleaning your car, sidewalk, and more!  This Sunday, July 13th, join New Kensington Community Development Corporation (NKCDC) at the DIY Rain Barrel Workshop and go home with your very own rain barrel.  A construction demonstration is a component of the workshop, so that you can learn how to build  one yourself.

NKCDC is a non-profit organization whose goal is to improve neighborhoods, including Kensington, Fishtown, and Port Richmond, through sustainable means. NKCDC assists over 30,000 low and moderate income families and 60,000 residents annually. As an adoptee partner of Soak it Up Adoption, NKCDC maintains several GSI tools including tree trenches and rain gardens.

There are only ten spots per workshop, so make sure to register for your spot today!

For more information, check out the flyer.

Mark Your Calendar

Do you live near Tacony Creek Park?

Join the Tookany-Tacony Frankford Watershed Partnership as they host free block parties across your community July 15th – July 17th from 5pm to 7pm.

Special guests include Juniata Action, Latinas in Motion, the Water Department, Parks & Recreation, the Academy of Natural Sciences, Audubon and more. Come out as we celebrate your park! Enjoy family time with a variety of food and water ice.  Also included will be learning opportunities to explore your park, such as resource tables and guided nature walks.

For location details for each day, check out the flyer or below: 

July 15th I St. and Ramona Ave, Phila 19124
July 16th Whitaker Ave. and Loudon St, Phila 19120
July 17th Rorer St. and Roosevelt Blvd, Phila 19120

INVISIBLE RIVER Brings a Live Performance to the Schuylkill River

Connect to the Schuylkill River this Saturday, July 12th and Sunday, July 13th by taking part in INVISIBLE RIVER, an event that combines dance, art, boating, and love of the environment- in a fantastic show open to the public. The show includes a musical ensemble, a freestanding abstract sculpture of native birds, and aerial dancers who fly beneath the Strawberry Mansion Bridge and sail on a boat that glides along the water. On the docks a chorus of dancers will build a landscape of running and flocking movement that ebbs and flows out of the landscape creating an ephemeral experience similar to nature.

PWD will be there to welcome people to the Schuylkill River and provide information on the health of our river and ways to learn more about our watersheds.
The public is invited to view the event from the shores of Kelly Drive for free. Tickets are available for those interested in taking a moving boat flotilla to see the show from the water.

For more information:

Greened Acre Retrofit Program Grant (GARP) Seminar

PWD’s newest business assistance grant program encourages stormwater project aggregation!
Join the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) on Monday, July 21st from 8:30-10:00 a.m. at 1101 Market St, 11th floor conference room to learn more about the newly launched Greened Acre Retrofit Program Grant (GARP).

GARP provides grant assistance to companies or contractors for stormwater projects on non-residential properties with a total project size of over 10 acres or larger located in Philadelphia’s combined sewer area.  Currently, PWD is seeking applicants who are companies or project aggregators that can assemble large areas, often over multiple properties, for stormwater management projects.  Properties undergoing redevelopment are not eligible for GARP funding. GARP applications will be evaluated by PWD staff based on a variety of criteria including total area managed, cost to PWD, quality of long-term maintenance plan, and availability of matching funds. GARP is now accepting applications.  Applications can be submitted electronically to PIDC at any time and selected grantees will be issued a decision at the close of each fiscal quarter. 

RSVP now to learn more about this exciting program.

Please Keep the Fire Hydrant CAPS On

Warning: This is not your  typical blog post. This  is a warning and a public announcement. 

We know it’s hot and kids love playing with water to cool off, but please make sure to leave the fire hydrants alone. Though it sounds exciting to have a sprinkler that gushes water , open hydrants can cause much damage. In fact, in 2008, taxpayers had to pay $1 million for the damage caused by residents who opened the caps. Not only that, the amount of water that bursts can be dangerous to any child that is near the hydrant. Fire hydrants are used for the sole purpose of fire hazards. Please avoid uncapping them. 

Remember, there are other safe alternatives to staying cool. Go for a swim at the nearest recreation center, eat a popsicle and drink water. It’s cheaper, safer, and the smarter thing to do.